Kindness To Strangers

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    Apr 2, 2006
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    Last July we were on our way home from cape cod. on us 278 in a small town named bedmister,nj we stopped for gas. while filling the tank i noticed that one of my trailer tires was going flat. we pulled over to a new jersey dept of transportation lot and had aaa come to change the tire and put on our spare. this lest us with no spare, and since we were only going to harrisburg pa, i elected to go on without a spare BIG MISTAKE. on us 78 just before exit 72, we had another blow out. now no spare and its 4:00 on saturday afternoon.

    We managed to limp up to exit 72 and get off. i pulled into the first place we could get off. it happened to be the used car lot of 21 chevolet dealership. The man on duty saw our problem and helped us get parked in a level spot where we could change a tire. He then called dewalt's rv. They had a tire and would stay there until i could get there( it was at exit 71 several miles back). I started to unhook our trailer so i could go in the tv. just then two strangers to us ( they were friends of the chevrolet dealer) offered to take me to pick up the tire. It was about ten miles round trip. I got the tire from dewalt and they took me back to the trailer. while we were gone my wife had called aaa and they came to change the tire. turned out he knew everybody. I tried to pay the two who had taken me for the tire, but they were both rvers and said to return the favor some day. When the tire wa changed, I called dewalt's again and ask if they had another tire they did. now it was almost 5:30 on sat night. they said to come on over quickly and they would have the tire waiting for me. got spare and completed the trip.

    I want to say to those fellows - thanks again. if any of you are ever in the area of easton pa and need rv service , i can recommend dewalts

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